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Jumla Mental Health Project

Providing evidence-based, high quality, culturally appropriate mental health services to the residents in Jumla

The Initiative

The Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal (TPO Nepal) began the Jumla project in 2013. The main goal is to provide quality, culturally appropriate, evidence-based mental health services to the Jumla area in northern Nepal. There are several major initiatives for this project. Providing clinical services such as counseling and therapy to the community is a large part of the initiative, along with focused family and community-based counseling. We also are aiming to educate and familiarize the community  with mental health issues through community activities, educational mental health programs, and further research into global mental health. The project also holds a weekly radio program about mental health at the local radio station in the Jumla region. Other research projects have also been taking place in Jumla. Studies on the development of an intervention for men’s mental health in rural Nepal, the impact of climate change on women’s mental health in Jumla, and adaptation of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for suicide prevention, studies on suicide surveillance and a third wave of an epidemiological study on effect of conflict on mental health of people of Jumla (previously conducted in 2000 and 2007) have either been conducted or remain ongoing.

Supported by:  Previously supported by The Duke Global Health Institute, The HopeLab Foundation, and The Jacobs Foundation. Currently, it is supported by HeartMind International and The George Washington University.

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