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Reducing stigma among healthcare providers to improve mental health services

Main Investigator: Brandon A. Kohrt

Co-Investigators:  Mark J. D. Jordans, Elizabeth L. Turner,  Kathleen J. Sikkema, Nagendra P. LuitelSauharda RaiDaisy R. SinglaJagannath LamichhaneCrick Lund, and Vikram Patel


Non-specialist healthcare providers, including primary and community healthcare workers, in low- and middle-income countries can effectively treat mental illness. However, scaling-up mental health services within existing health systems have been limited by barriers such as stigma against people with mental illness. Therefore, interventions are needed to address attitudes and behaviors among non-specialists. Aimed at addressing this gap, REducing Stigma among HealthcAre Providers to ImprovE mental health services (RESHAPE) is an intervention in which social contact with mental health service users is added to training for non-specialist healthcare workers integrating mental health services into primary healthcare.


Supported by: NIH - National Institute of Mental Health


Status: Ongoing








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